Smart Wall Mount Electric BBQ

What is the recommended install height? We recommend an install height of around 90cm for the Smart Wall Mount Electric BBQ. There is no minimum or maximum height required for the safe usage of the BBQ, however you will need to attach the installation bracket a minimum of 600mm from the ground to ensure that the BBQ can be folded down.


What items are required to install the Smart Wall Mount BBQ? Please carefully read the installation instruction that come with the Smart Wall Mount BBQ before installing. If you do not receive this, please contact the retailer that you purchased this item from.

Items required for installation can vary. A suitable power drill to drill 5mm of the length of the plastic plug and drill the six screws into the wall are recommended.


What wall materials are recommended for the Smart Wall Mount BBQ be attached to? It is a recommended to use a brickwork wall and to use plastic plugs, dyna-bolts or something similar to hold the wall bracket to the wall. If you are not using a brick wall, special attention will have to be taken to what the bracket is attached to, and must be able to hold the weight of the BBQ.


What electrical input does the BBQ require? A 10 AMP power point is required for the Smart Wall Mount BBQ within Australia and New Zealand.


What is the Smart Wall Mount BBQ made from? The BBQ is made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel which is extremely resistant to both scratches and rust, helping to deliver a durable product which will last. It is also heat resistant, allowing the BBQ to withstand high temperatures from both the sun and the cooking elements.


What do the red indicator lights next to the control knobs indicate? These lights assist in showing when the cooking surface of the Wall Mount BBQ is still hot when not in operation and ensure not to touch. The red indicator light will turn on when the cooking plates are heating up then turn off when it reaches the desired cooking temperature as set by the control knobs. The indicator light will again turn on when you turn the cooking plates off and stay on until the plates cool down to a safe temperature.


What is the best method to clean the ceramic glass cooking surface after cooking? It is recommended that you clean the ceramic glass cook plates shortly after cooking when it has cooled to a safe temperature. We recommend using a strong, wet cloth and thoroughly wiping down the cooking plates, as well as the drip channel at the rear of the BBQ where fats and oils may collect on their way through to the drip cup. Don’t forget to empty out the drip cup after cooking. The cooking plates are resistant to sudden temperature change, so using cold water will not cause any damage. We do not recommend using any scrapers or harsh, abrasive products chemicals when cleaning the BBQ.

Please read page 12 of the user manual for a detailed description and images of the best method for cleaning the ceramic glass cooktop.



Gas BBQ Range

Are these BBQ’s compatible with Natural and LPG Gas? The entire current range of Smart Gas BBQ’s, both built in and trolley models (401WB-W, 411W & 601WB-W) come ready for use with an LPG gas bottle.

The entire range can be converted across to be compatible with Natural Gas. This process is outlined in the user manual and should only be carried out by a licensed gas fitter or plumber who is familiar with this process. Smart takes no responsibility for any damage that occurs during this operation.


Can the Smart Gas BBQ’s be installed indoors? No. The Smart Gas BBQ range is designed for outdoor use only with natural ventilation. For more information on suitable environments, please read page 2 of the user manual.


What is the best method for cleaning the BBQ?

Cast Iron Cooking Plates: The easiest way to clean the grill is after cooking when the cooking plates are still hot. Wear a barbecue mitt to protect your hand from heat and stam. Scrub the hot cooking grates by dipping a bristled barbecue brush in tap water. Cleaning will be more difficult if the grill plates are allowed to cool down after cooking.

Stainless Steel: There are many stainless steel cleaners available. Always use the mildest cleaning process first, scrubbing in the direction of the stainless steel grain. Do not use steel wool, as this will scratch the surface. To touch up noticeable scratches in the stainless steel, rub very lightly with dry 100 grit sand paper in the direction of the grain. Grease specks can gather and bake onto the surface of the stainless steel, giving the appearance of rust. For removal, use an abrasive pad with a stainless steel cleaner.

Grease Pan: The grease pan should be emptied, wiped down and washed after each use with a mild detergent and warm water solution. Check the grease pan frequently and do not allow excess grease to accumulate and flow out of the pan.


What are the minimum clearances to combustible clearances?

Please allow a minimum clearance from the drip tray below the BBQ to combustible materials of 150mm. Please allow a minimum 50mm clearance behind the built-in models (401WB-W and 601WB-W) from combustible materials and allow for the opening of the BBQ hood.