Stainless Steel Flat Teppanyaki Solid Grill Plate for Smart BBQ Range (4A42050345)

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This replacement stainless steel flat teppanyaki solid grill plate is designed as a replacement or add-on for the Smart BBQ & Sirius BBQ ranges. The stainless steel finish offers a more premium finish than cast iron due to the improved heat-up time in comparison to cast iron. They are also much easier to clean and more resistant to rust and corrosion. This style of solid grill plate is capable of reaching very high temperatures which is ideal for teppanyaki-style cooking and searing. This product is made from high-quality 304-grade stainless steel.

This replacement BBQ solid grill plate could potentially be used for other BBQ models than the ones listed below. For this, you would need to refer to the product dimensions provided below and confirm that this would fit with your BBQ. We do not carry a full list of BBQs that these plates are compatible with.

Compatible BBQ Models: 401WB-W, 401WB-BLK, 601WB-W, 601WB-BLK, 4000DG-SL-SS, SIR-BG3101-BLK & SIR-DG3101-BLK

Product Dimensions: (w) 350mm x (d) 455mm

Approx Thickness of Solid Grill Plate: 3mm